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Rang de basanti

Last week I watched Rang de basanti. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the tickets on 26th of Jan (Yup, the movie was released on Thursday, the 26th of Jan 2006). Well, that’s no surprise as its really a tedious task to get tickets here in Bangalore.

Anyways, after watching some of the disasters like Zinda, Shikhar etc. (which were expected to be hits owing to great directors who directed them), I was skeptical about watching any bollywood movie. Seriously speaking, I had lost the hope of watching a good bollywood movie.

The only thing that forced me to watch this movie was Aamir Khan.

Well, as expected, he did it. Aamir was excellent in the movie. And the movie was perfectly perfect! Everything was so perfectly woven together that the audience were wowed. The first half was full of humour and reminded me of my college days. The second half ignited a feel of patriotism in me (and everybody else for that matter).

There are two things I noticed while watching the movie. Firstly, the writer had this perfect sequence in his mind while writing the script. There was nothing jumbled up. Every scene, every dialog was perfectly in place and complementing the previous one.
Secondly, the director knew what he had to do. I mean, he knew from where a certain scene should be shot to get it best on the screen, where to place the camera, how to move the camera etc.

All of this complemented by the legend’s music. Yes, AR Rehman did it again. With “Pathshaala”, he reawakened the college youth in us and with “Lukka Chhuppi”, took us deep into an emotional dive. Hail AR Rehman!

Many viewers did not like the end. But I guess, the movie wouldn’t have been powerful enough to create an impact, had the end been a typical bollywood end.

I recommend this movie to everyone out there.

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Keep your fingers crossed!

If everything goes fine (and there is no natural disaster in India), you might just get to here a good news from me in the coming few days!

Well, I cannot give a hint right now, but I guess most of my friends know what it is. Anyways, its always good to have a formal announcement of such news. Patience.

For those of you who don’t know me, don’t even think about that. I am an Indian and only 21 years old ;).

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Upon recommendation by my friend Chirag, I just watched the movie Equilibrium. And I am stunned!

Its the second best Sci-Fi movie I have seen after The Matrix trio. Although the SFX doesn’t match up with that of The Matrices as such, but the concept and the direction is marvellous. As with The Matrices, every frame and the sample in this movie was important to understand the concept.

I guess I will have to add it to my orkut’s favourite movies’ list!

I recommend this movie to every geek out there.


Airtel Broadband

I read about this somewhere at (One of my favourite writers). Airtel broadband now offers double the speed during night (10:30 pm to 6am).

Aalaap wrote that he had enquired only in NCR region. I am a subscriber from Bangalore. Yesterday night, I got 256 kbps speed from my 128 kbps connection! Isn’t that cool? I mean, most of the people put their downloads in the night and sleep. This is really cool!

Although, there can be many reasons for the same. Either Airtel isn’t getting enough customer base to meet the bandwidth it has, and is hence, distributing it to the subscribers. Or, probably this one is more sensible: many non geeky subscribers just shut down their PCs at night and sleep! Hence, the available bandwidth increases and instead of just letting it go waste, they are distributing it among the geeky subscribers. Now that’s some geeky move!

All in all, the move is really appreciated and will surely help Airtel to retain customers and lure some more. Apart from this, I think its one of the businees strategies of Airtel to capture the market extensively before other major players ike Reliance and Tata start their services.

Speaking of Reliance, I have a gut feeling about the Ambanis and the Tatas not entering the broadband bandwagon. I think its the calm before the storm. Probably they are planning for another revolution. The broabband revolution in India. Just like the mobile revolution (Remember the ads “Roti kapda makaan aur MOBILE”?). Probably Reliance is planning to launch its broadband using WiMax.

Whatever it is they are planning, until they launch their services everyhere, Airtel broadband rocks!

Update: The speed during normal working hours (6 am to 10:30) pm has reduced significantly! Infact, its pathetic. Now I know, nothing in this world is free :(


I would be writing soon

It has been a loooong time since my last post. I couldn’t write due to certain personal reasons. Although, all the issues aren’t resolved as of yet, I cannot keep much stuff in my brain for long. I will have to drain it here.

Apart from this, making such a commitment would surely drive me to find some time and write. Oh god! where have I come!

Keep checking!

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