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Yahoo! Oops.. I mean Google!!

Continuing my previous post.

I have the Gmail chat enabled in my account! And it just rocks :). This thing is sooo cool!

They have designed it so perfect :-). Oh. Guess they must have hired some expert in UI. Probably a Phd. ;). Now this is what I call a communication system. There is no VoIP (*yet*), but I’ll keep my x*fingers crossed*x. You never know what these guys are upto or what they can do.

Just to give an example: Whenever you get an IM from any of your contacts, the color of the title bar of the window that appears is the same as the highlight color of that contact’s name in the contact list on the left. Neat.

Another thing is the dancing (rotating) emoticons. Although there are only a few of them. The dialog which appears on hover over a contact’s name is also neat.

In short, I love it! Although, I’d like the window’s name to blink in the taskbar when I get a message and I am working in some other window. Just like Yahoo! messenger or GTalk for that matter. Some people might find it annoying, but I guess its needed. Not the sound. Just the visual.

Google rocks!


They have done it again

Everything was fine befoer I went for lunch. After coming back, I unlocked my workstation and opened Gmail home page (I usually log off my mails accounts when I leave my PC for long). There it was. Something new from Google. After a long time, it was good to see something innovative from the ubiquitous owner of the web.

Gmail chat. No its not Google Talk if you are smart enough to use it already. This is a new concept altogether.

Picture this: Whosoever in your Gmail contacts is logged into his/her mail account, you can see them online! That too in a neat block on the left side of the page (Where the Invite thing is there). Ofcourse you will have an option to choose which ones should be displayed. Now this block (or whatever they call it) will be so dynamic (using AJAX) that it will give the look and feel of a regular chat IM. Isn’t that cool? Also, the PMs you send will not be nagging pop ups from the window, but another small block on the bottom right corner (You have the option to pop it up if you are so used to it). Now that’s what I really call cool.

All said and done, it seems that its going to be a hit with users. Atleast I am gonna love it. Not because I am a fan of Google, but because, its really an innovative concept. Really helpful in situations where the IM softwares are firewalled.

They still have not activated it on my account. They better do it fast else… Leave it, I cannot do anything anyway.