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The third dimension

Recently I watched Space Station 3D at IMAX, Ghaziabad. And it was an awesome experience!

Although the movie is quite old (2002), but it was still able to generate the type of revenues to the multiplex owners as they might have thought while conceiving the theatre.

The movie starts with photogenic scenes of earth being viewed from the Space Station in 3D! Believe me, the view is unparallel. You cannot have any better experience of space whilst sitting here on earth until and unless you are a Trainee astronaut being trained at NASA in their virtual space stations.

The movie has been shot by astronauts only. And that is really appreciable and I must say that the cinematography has been well taken care off. The camera positions are such that you get the best view of the scene.

The movie is all about how different countries are involved in construction of the Space Station 250 miles above us. The conditions in which they build the thing, the challenges they have to face etc. Movie also shows a typical astronaut’s life in the Space station.

The 3D effects in the movie are just awesome. Being projected on an IMAX screen makes it an unparallel audio and visual experience. I am badly waiting for the next movie (Walking on the Moon 3D) to be projected at the IMAX Ghaziabad theatre. Also, there was a trailer of the movie T-Rex which was just WOW. The trailer shows life size dinosaurs roaring right in front of you! They are so close that you can count their teeth! The kids in the theatre went crazy after seeing that trailer.

All in all, IMAX 3D is an experience worth undergoing again and again. I have already seen the movie twice and am planning for the third trip. I am eagerly waiting for the next change in the theatre.

I reccommend this movie to every geek out there (but watch it only in IMAX 3D).