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Just finished watching Frequency. It was released in 2000. I liked the movie.

The whole thing goes really slow but is some thriller. Till the end you’d bite up your nails to find out what happens next. The direction is superb. If we discard the bugs on imdb, its all in all a great movie.

The idea being the main character being able to talk to his dad 30 years in the past. He saves him from different deaths he might have had! Sounds really interesting. Its visually interesting too! Trust me, for any technical person (who has studied quantum computing), its really exciting to see a concept in action. The sequence of events is well thought of and keeps you glued to the movie till the end.

I recommend this movie to all the geeks out there.


Bad Outlook

Finally, Google Calendar is here! Now, being a Google fan, I ought to write a review for it and (probably) praise it.

But I will not. Since everybody else is talking about it. Go to any IT news site, its filled with reviews and comments regarding the new kid in the block. I would just give my opinion about it.

I think its a cool utility. Having a calendar online is really something. By integrating Chat in Gmail, they gave us a reason to keep our Gmail windows open throughout the day. Now with this thing in place, they have given us a reason for never closing it!

The interface is intuitive and would be a breeze for any Outlook user. They also have an option for sending mail invitations to guests in an event. Also, use of AJAX has resulted in a really dynamic and neat interface. I wonder if they have done some Phd. in UI :). There is also Gmail integration to detect events being discussed in mail/chat conversations so that they can be scheduled from there only. Now that’s a smart feature :).

I guess that the overall options should be increased and I am sure they are working on it :). Curently its a basic calendar wherein you can schedule events and send invites and alerts. Probably its just the trailer. The real thing is yet to come.

The war is taking up. Google is all set to bang Microsoft with its online bouquet of smart and neat products. No matter how much the likes of Microsoft and Yahoo! try, they are never gonna come close to Google in this race. Try visiting some of the pathetic Yahoo! services like 360. You will know what I mean. Windows Live! is receiving a good response from users but lets see what it has in plate for us.

Till then, start using the state of the art Google Calendar. It would really leave you thinking that its a bad Outlook.

Google calendar is now integrated with GMail. It can detect events being discussed in mail conversations and give an option towards the right (just above the adsenses) to schedule the event in your calendar! Cool eh? B-)