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Microsoft sucks

Recently I started working on a .Net project. I had heard a lot about Visual Studio and had seen most of its ads. The difference is obvious. Let me tell you how the difference is obvious.

Previously I had worked on Java projects. So Eclipse is what I used. Being a Microsoft product, my expectations out of Visual Studio were a bit stretched out. I was thinking that it would provide me with options that would let me have dinner with Aditi at 8 and what not ;).

But when I started using it, the word that came to my mind was “nightmare”. Yes, I understand that for a new person, it takes time to get used to an IDE. But I could master Eclipse in 2 days flat. And here, its over a month and it still is a bad dream.

Small and pretty useful things like Organizing imports, Search results tree, adding try catch automatically, generating getters and setters etc. are missing! ! ! ! ! ! WTF? When I started using it, a single word came to my mind for its developers: “maniacs”. I do not think its at all a developer friendly IDE. Most of my time is spent in doing some configuration to get it working instead of coding the business logic of my application. If you keep it open for 3 – 4 days continuously, it behaves as if one has sprayed pepper in its eyes. Hangs, misbehaves and what not!

Recenltly, I noticed another stupid thing. There was a circular dependency in 2 of my projects in a solution. So, it was not building them (despite configuring the build order). So, I commented out the dependee lines in one of the projects. And then it happened. Something that can be expected from only a M$ product. It was showing errors in the commented lines!

CAUTION: Java developers, stick to Eclipse. Its undoubtedly the best IDE in the world. .Net developers, try Eclipse and M$, yes, the difference is obvious!



I always cribbed about the special effects being used in Bollywood movies. I mean whatever they did just didn’t even came close to the special effects in the Hollywood movies. But my perception is changing now.

Recently I watched Krrish. Its a sequel to Koi… Mil Gaya. Both directed by Rakesh Roshan and starring his son Hrithik Roshan in the lead role.

I must say that this is the first Bolywood movie I have seen with special effects comparable to Hollywood movies. The effects are mastered so neatly that you do not notice any flaw in them. Ofcourse the logic behind any hero’s powers in Indian movies is usually hard to digest, but usually the movies used to lack that perfection in the special effects which makes the viewers Wow. This one doesn’t.

The only point is that you must watch it with an open mind. I do not know why people can watch Keanu Reaves, Superman, Spiderman and above all X-Men doing the same kind of things and terming them as Superheroes, and at the same time not even care to watch an effort by a Bollywood director. The problem is that they are rigid. They underestimate everyone including their own country. Why can’t Bollywood do it? I mean is it really hard to believe that given the funds, a Bollywood director capable of making such a movie can, and definitly will make it.

I must say that the movie rocks. I mean the kind of effort put in is awesome and it shows. The songs are great (kudos to Rajsh Roshan) and the special effects are mind blowing.

I recommend this movie to everyone out there.