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So, finally Google did it. We have AJAX based orkut.

The Profile tabs (social, professional and personal), the scrapbook etc. in orkut are now AJAX based. This means that it would be more fast, more interactive and **probably** we will get more “No donut for you” messages.

Well, lets drop the last part and we have a new web2.0 contender! orkut is undoubtly Google’s biggest success after {ofcourse} its search engine and the Gmail.

Everybody is found orkutting now-a-days. Be it office, school or college. similar to “Google”, the noun “orkut” has also graduated to be a verb. God knows how many grammatical mistakes Google is gonna make! But I guess the world can live with some of these mistakes ;)

With scrap becoming the *in* thing, we see people excited to exchange scraps even if they sit next in the office! They find it more exciting to scrap than to call or IM or email. Despite the fact that the scraps are visible to everyone, people like to use them for conversations. Now this is what I call **social networking**.

All in all, orkut has come out to be a clear winner in this social networking thing.

Looking forward to more such grammatical mistakes…