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It just doesn’t work

I recently installed Windows Vista Home Premium on my PC.

First, I want you to read this to get some context.

Ever since the installation, I have been facing incompatibility issues. I do not know why ? Aren’t we supposed to get Wowed (!) after installing it ?

My current critical task -> Get the (supposedly updated and better) Media Center to play a DVD movie.

There is a strange thing I noticed about Windows Vista. It has some kind of enmity with Nero. Basically, whenever I search for a solution to my problem, people just ask “Do you have Nero installed ?” They suggest to uninstall it to solve the problem. Sounds kinda weird, but, probably its true. I had the explorer crashing every time i opened a folder containing video files (DivX primarily). Basically it was facing some issues with thumbnail generation. After I removed nero, the problem got solved ! Now here is something to think. What does a disc burning software got to do with DivX files thumbnails ?

Also, the in house disc burning application sucks. On its first run, it (mis) configured itself and hid the previous sessions written on one of my multi session discs.

Basically its a piece of crap produced by M$ as an answer to Apple’s Mac OS X (which is now gaining popularity everywhere). There are only UI enhancements (that too useless) and no UE enhancements (except search).

Welcome to the new world of Windows. Where you have to trouble shoot every software you install on it. Just stay away from it.

Expect more bhadaas on this one …