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Stupid Outlook

Have you ever replied all to a mail in Outlook? It is so stupid! If your email address is there in the recepients list, it will add it in the To: field! Now even a class II student understands the meaning of reply all.

I have used many other mail programs like Thunderbird, Gmail etc. They all are intelligent enough to remove you from the list! Even the awesome mail app in my iPhone beats Mr. Outlook in this regard.

I am thinking that I so hate this company and its products. I have hated them so much that no matter what they do, I am gonna keep hating them.


Congratulations Ishmeet!

Ishmeet just became the first voice of India! Congratulations!

I feel that this was the right choice as he had a better voice than Harsha.

However, i do not like people from Punjab, Haryana & Himachal who say that its all because of votes from their states. If this was true, then it means that he did not deserve this title at all!

I really do not dig people from these states saying that they are better and more powerful than any other state in India. I agree that these are the richest and most literate states of India, but India is a land of diversities and every state has its own importance. If they think they are better than the other states, they are no worse than Tamil Nadu which thinks it should not be a part of India.

Ismeet was chosen because his voice was better between the 2 finalists.

If it was upto me, I would have gived this title to Toshi. And I suppose most avid music lovers would agree with me.

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Amazon’s iphone site

Just went to from my iPhone to search for a bluetooth headset and was greeted with an iPhone version of the world’s biggest online marketplace!

Its good to see more and more websites developing an iPhone version.

I am just thinking about the future. Being a software developer, I have used quite a few CMS and frameworks which automatically deliver different versions of a page based on the user agent of the browser. Usually they have templates for kiosks, wml and flash/non flash versions of pages. I see another category getting added there. With the much anticipated launch of the Amazon’s kindle and Google’s android, the list is bound to expand as more and more buyers go mobile.

I would like for this process to be automated. I mean the app should be intelligent enough to detect the client’s profile and render the page without using a template.

Thats flexible :).

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New address

My blog’s feed now has a new address.

This address is better from the point of me tracking how many subscribes are there and how many hits does my feed actually get. It will also guarantee a good uptime and better and faster feed rendering for you guys. It will also give you a golden egg every week delivered to your home and will full fill all your wishes bla bla bla…

Hey Hey :D.

Jokes aside, Feedburner is a great way to deliver your feeds. It gives site administrators great control over their feeds, and offers great flexibility over standard delivery.

I would request all the subscribers of this feed to shift to this address:

To make it easier for you, here are a few buttons:

Add to Google Reader or Homepage

Add to My AOL

Subscribe in Bloglines

Make sure you read my next blog via feedburner !


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Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali!

This is the message I saw when I logged into orkut today :). This inadvertently brought a smile on my face.

The message appears in the header on the top where you have the site nav and is fairly ignorable. Apparently, the message also has some action associated with it which I was unable to test on the slow GPRS connection on my iPhone :(.

Things like these mean a lot to tech nerds like me. It shows that the big giants are paying attention to the vast traffic that hits their servers from India. India (read Indians) is undoubtedly a major consumer of web services trolling around the web. And its high time that the service providers support customization for India. Google started with support for Hindi across all its services and the state of the art Google indic translator revolutionized the way people type in Hindi. Yahoo followed with Yahoo India maps ( -copy & paste as there is no insert hyper link feature in WordPress’ iPhone version).

Now Google is gearing up with Android which I am sure will support i18n. There are rumors for an Indian version of Amazon as well!

This will bring a new paradigm in Internet awareness in India. I can foresee more and more homes signing up for broadband connections.

With customized content for the most dynamic market in the world, the opportunities are endless.

A very Happy Diwali to all of you !

[UPDATE] Clicking on the “Happy Diwali” link on the top changes the CSS! The specially designed CSS for Diwali looks great on orkut ! Thank you Google !

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Real Talent

This post is again related to the talent shows gaining popularity over Ekta Kapoor’s daily TV soaps (and this somehow makes me happy).

I feel that a lot of credit is given to the singers who sing well on stage. However, no one even knows the names of the musicians who play the music on which the contestants sing.

I believe that they have the real talent. If it was not for them, none of the contestants could sing and sound so well. Hats off to these people!!

If you observe closely, you will see that they catch up every song real quick. I mean the contestants and judges sing many songs at random. But these guys have no problem playing them.

This post is dedicated to all those people. Of all of them I only rememher the name of Shantanu Da who plays a lot of instruments but primarily guitar.

Keep up the good work people!


Dhikkar hai…

I just finished watching the repeat telecast of Amul Star Voice of India’s latest episode in which Toshi got eliminated from the league.

I am an avid music listener and have some basic knowledge of Indian music. With whatever little knowledge I have, I would say that “Dhikkar hai Rajasthan ki janta par”. If they could not identify such a golden voice, they should go to hell (interpret it as something more offensive).

I have never heard any reality show contestant sing so well. He is literally a pro singer and can very well sing for Bollywood movies.

I seriously believe (looking at good contestants being eliminated) that these reality shows should stop taking polls from the general public. I mean i do not understand the concept of taking judgement from general people when you have judges and guests like the music directors of Bollywood and highly respected and worldwide acclaimed Pandit Jasraj.

Although Sajid -Wajid and probably Aadesh Srivastava have signed up Toshi to sing in their films in the future but i guess everyone (and Toshi) would have loved him to become the Voice of India.

Dhikkar hai.. Dhikkar hai..

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Hello World

People living in the National Capital Region (NCR) usually crib about a lot of stuff:

1/ Delhi metro’s network not enough.
2/ They are not maintaining the roads.
3/ Lately the travel time to/from office has incrased significantly due to quantum increase in traffic.
4/ There are not many places to hang out/dine.

However, once in a while few friends come from Bangalore (as they have their lay over at Delhi) and then they realize that how bad things can be and how good they are in the NCR. More over, if one has lived in Bangalore. Then he realizes the ballant truth.

The above is what happening to me now a days. But I am happy.

Ok. I understand that this is an unnecessary post but this train is taking crazy long time to reach Lucknow and I have nothing else to do.

Also I was thinking for the title of this post and i could think of nothing better. Its both semantically and technically a good fit.

Hmm sound like I have been programming a lot lately…


I love my iPhone (&Airtel)

This is getting more exciting. iPhone and Airtel work great in India. I am right now sitting in 2004 Lucknow Shatabdi express and accessing the internet on my iPhone using Airtel’s seamless GPRS network.

There is one thing that I love about the Airtel’s network in India – coverage. You just go anywhere (except J&K) and you find Airtel there. Also, it offers all its value added services like EDGE etc. everywhere.

I am using meebo to chat with my friends and using the Google reader’s customized iPhone interface to catch up on my subscribed feeds.

More upon reaching the city of nawabs…