Dhikkar hai…

I just finished watching the repeat telecast of Amul Star Voice of India’s latest episode in which Toshi got eliminated from the league.

I am an avid music listener and have some basic knowledge of Indian music. With whatever little knowledge I have, I would say that “Dhikkar hai Rajasthan ki janta par”. If they could not identify such a golden voice, they should go to hell (interpret it as something more offensive).

I have never heard any reality show contestant sing so well. He is literally a pro singer and can very well sing for Bollywood movies.

I seriously believe (looking at good contestants being eliminated) that these reality shows should stop taking polls from the general public. I mean i do not understand the concept of taking judgement from general people when you have judges and guests like the music directors of Bollywood and highly respected and worldwide acclaimed Pandit Jasraj.

Although Sajid -Wajid and probably Aadesh Srivastava have signed up Toshi to sing in their films in the future but i guess everyone (and Toshi) would have loved him to become the Voice of India.

Dhikkar hai.. Dhikkar hai..

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