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I saw an advertisement today in an India’s leading newspaper on the front page urging people to not talk on mobile phone while driving. For the record – in India, people usually drive as if they are drunk. Add mobile to it and you have many casualties.

Now, the advertisement shows a person driving a car and wearing a bluetooth headset. If you look closely, you will find that the person is sitting on the front left seat of the car and the car indeed is left hand drive!

Everything is fine except that we have right hand drive here in India! Unless the advertisement was meant for the select few who import vehicles from the US, it completly misses the target audience!

The advertisement was given by the Delhi government which is organising the 2010 Commonwealth games in India.

When will these idiots understand that keeping the right audience in mind is the first thing to do when creating an advertisement.

Seriously people. Grow up.

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The death of the scrapbook :(

I have been receiving a lot of new year wishes in my scrapbook lately. Usually I like such wishes, however, most of my friends are using 3rd party scripts to send such wishes to every person in in their friends’ list. I do not think its a good idea.

Maybe I am being judgemental, but I think this defeats the purpose of the scrapbook. The whole idea of the scrapbook is to leave teasers or one liners for your friends while you are visiting their profiles. And maybe for people you do not know yet but want to know more. Its a great way to start a conversation with a total stranger on orkut.

With these 3rd party scripts (in which their own link supersedes the scrap), I am afraid that the charm of the orkut scrapbook is dead. I do not feel like checking my scrapbook when I see that I have a new scrap. Whats the use of wasting time when I will only end up deleting that scrap?

Google will have to definitly take some action for this. Else this will soon become another medium for spam and useless forwards.

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 Check out the broadband plans offered by Reliance in India:

Reliance Broadband Tariff

Image source:

Hmm. 600 Mbps for INR 1799 pm? Sounds like a pretty good deal? It 75 MBPS at just 45$ a month? Hey, this is not justified to Americans. I mean they only got a maximum of 40 MBPS in some households that too extremely costly!

Mr. Ambani, are you in for another Monsoon hungama? This time in the broadband regime?

Thank god I changed my carrier. I am never gonna switch back to Reliance. If these guys cannot maintain a good website, what should we expect from them in terms of services & customer care?

Seriously people, wake up.

UPDATE: Seems like Reliance guys corrected the problem. Do not know how they found out, but hey, glad to be of help :).