My name is Setu Garg and I am from Lucknow, UP, India.setunew

I am 27 years old as of June 2011. I am currently working as Module Lead at SkillNet Inc., Noida, India.

I have completed my B.Tech(Bachelor of Technology) degree in CSE(Computer Science and Engineering) from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University, Noida.

I am a technical geek. New technologies, gadgets and gizmos in the field of Computer Science excite me. I like surfing the web, computer programming, reading technical articles and discussing about the latest trends and technological innovations.

In my leisure time I think about the technical inventions, their inventors, and get motivated and inspired.

I love listening to music (especially hindi music).

I am fascinated by thinking and discussing about the future aspects of computing and storage. I love watching science fiction movies. The Matrix Triology is my favourite.

If you want to know my views and ideas on the above topics, you can read my personal¬†blog. I actively write for woikr.com – a gadget & technology blog from an Indian perspective. In the time left, I code “client server business applications” – whatever that means.

In case you are looking for the professional aspect of my life, please have a look at my linkedin profile or download my resume [DOC || PDF].