Redesign of B2B Website for Staples Canada. The site was already existing in Microsoft platform but had limited functionality. Redesigning of site was done in Websphere commerce and lot of new functionalities were implemented successfully. codebase was used for the same.

Design and implemention of a super user site was done which acted as simulation for WebSphere Accelerator functionalities. Different modules were customized and extended e.g. Member, Account and contract, Login.

RSS Feeds for MIT OpenCourseWare

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a lightweight XML format for distributing news headlines and other content on the Web.MIT OpenCourseWare ( is a free and open educational resource (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.RSS Feeds for MIT OCW provide users all over the world with the latest information on the courses added to the repository. The project involved development of the engine to generate the RSS feed files by extracting the metadata of the course from the repository. 

The application was developed in Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 using VC#.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft CMS 2002 and Visual Studio 2000.

Sapetel Quick Messaging Provisioning Tool

Quick Messaging refers to the use of handheld devices for the purpose of sending short emails. SapeTel provides Quick Messaging service to its customers. MobiMail’s MobiMail Network allows customers use old RIM devices, not compatible with GPRS networks. Mobi2Net’s GPRS Network enables customers to use normal GPRS compatible devices (Blackberry etc). Such devices typically support voice as well. Mobi2Mail is becoming obsolete and difficult to use (because customers need a separate device for data messaging and separate for voice). SapeTel wants to migrate ‘willing’ customers to the Mobi2Net network.

The SapeTel Quick Messaging Provisioning Tool is performing various user operations like Activation, Deactivation, Migration and Modification of details for users.

The application was developed in Struts framework with validation plug-in using tools like Eclipse, CVS etc.

Migration Toolkit

The migration toolkit facilitates migration of Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures to DB2 8.2, MySQL 5.0 stored procedures and PostgreSQL 8.0 functions. The tool fetches the PL/SQL stored procedures from the database, migrates them to target databse specifications and deploys them on the fly to the target database schema.

The toolkit was developed using regular expressions to recognize PL/SQL statement patterns, group them and re-order/replace groups to generate target database equivalent statements.

JAVA Swing API was used to develop a user friendly GUI for the tool providing facilities to select the PL/SQL stored procedure, view the body and migrate the same.

Migration to DB2

The project included migration of a web based application’s database from Oracle 9i database to IBM DB2 8.2.

The project involved migration of Oracle stored procedures into DB2 8.2 stored procedures.

Migration to open source

The project included migration of a web based application running on IBM WAS 5.0 as web server & Oracle 9i database at the back end to jBoss 4.0 as the web server & PostgreSQL 8.0 as the database at the back end.

The project involved migration of Oracle stored procedures into PostgreSQL functions in addition to porting the complete data.

The database was also migrated to MySQL 5.0, & MaxDb 7.5.

Relational Data Warehouse for an event management company

The project included design and implementation of relational databases for 2 offices of the company, extraction, transformation and loading tool to build a data warehouse for the company & development of front end for the data warehouse in JSP to perform the ROLAP queries.

The databases were implemented in Oracle 8i, ETL tool in JAVA and the front end using HTML forms, JSP and JDBC.

Tool to convert XML databases into Relational databases

This tool uses the JAVA API for XML to convert data stored in XML files into Relational database. The tool uses the SAX prser to read the XML file twice, maps the tags to table attributes, creates the relational table and then copies the data from XML file to the relational table created.

High Performance Computer(HPC) using Linux Cluster

Linux clusters are gaining popularity fast. For those who are new to the concept, a cluster is a set of machines working in parallel resulting in fast computation and increased memory.

A high performance computer(HPC) using BCCD. The Bootable Cluster CD(BCCD) is a project of the National Computational Science Institute, University of Northern Iowa, USA. The project included setting up of the hardware components required for a typical Linux cluster, configuring the machines, installing the required softwares and the libraries, and development of parallel aplications.

A cluster of 3 celeron 2 GHz machines with 128 MB RAM was set up and 365 Mflops speed was achieved. Different benchmarking programs like 1000×1000 matrix multiplication, Sieve’s algorithm and Floyd’s algorithm were run to benchmark the cluster.

File Details: 2.25 MB ZIP Archive containing presentation containing complete information and results.


Multithreaded Communication System using Serial Port

A GUI based multithreaded communication system using serial port for communication between two computers connected throught serial cable. Supports simultaneous message sending/receiving.

Language / Environment / Operating System
C++ / Visual Studio 6 / Windows

File Details: 5.44 MB ZIP Archive containing executables, source code and ReadMe.


Graphical Parser for for English language sentences

This program parses an english language sentence, checks it for grammatical errors and displays the result graphically on screen. If the sentence is grammatically correct, the program generates the Annotated Parse Tree of the sentence and displays it on the screen. Approx. 200,000 english language words are accepted.

Language / Environment / Operating System
C / Turbo C++ IDE/ DOS,Windows

File Details: 403 KB ZIP Archive containing source code and the words database.


HTTP Server to handle GET requests

This server receives and processes HTTP GET requests through TCP. The server supports concurrent clients using UNIX threads. The program was implemented using the UNIX socket API and displays HTML files stored in the same directory as the server file.

Language / Environment / Operating System
C / Emacs/ UNIX

File Details: 8 KB ZIP Archive containing source code and header files.


Chat Server

This server allows users from different client machines to log into the chat server and send text messages to each other. The list of available users is displayed on each user’s screen and is updated on every new registeration. Suppots 5 concurrent users using UNIX threads. UDP based implementation.

Language / Environment / Operating System
C / Emacs/ UNIX

File Details: 10 KB ZIP Archive containing source code and header files.


mspfinder – Website for new/existing mobile phone users

This site allows users to choose the best mobile phone plan available in the market according to their budget and preferences. An XML database of all the post paid and pre paid plans of all the companies is maintained and is queried according to the user’s requirements.

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Relational Database Design and Implementation

Designed and implemented a relational database for data requirements of a software enterprise in Oracle 8i.

Simulator for Assembler

Developed a simulator for two pass assembler in C.