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Lost is Lost

I watched S04E04 of Lost today and was very disappointed. I was expecting that atleast they will reveal something in this episode. But instead, they are continuously adding to the list of suspenses related to the island and the people.

Apparently, team Lost is completly Lost and have no idea where to take the series. I would not be surprised if I find out that the writers are now writing more mysteries to buy some time to figure out the previous ones. There might be a lot of theories on several websites online, but they are probably planning to write their own.

I remember Seth McFlaren advising HBS students not to go about creating a TV series about a plane crashing on an unknown island if you do not know where to take it.

Apparently, he was right. The director has no idea where he is going. I am not saying that I will not watch it. Of course I will keep watching it. But I will not be surprised by any theories that might come up in it.

Lost has lost its zeal.

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