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 Check out the broadband plans offered by Reliance in India:

Reliance Broadband Tariff

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Hmm. 600 Mbps for INR 1799 pm? Sounds like a pretty good deal? It 75 MBPS at just 45$ a month? Hey, this is not justified to Americans. I mean they only got a maximum of 40 MBPS in some households that too extremely costly!

Mr. Ambani, are you in for another Monsoon hungama? This time in the broadband regime?

Thank god I changed my carrier. I am never gonna switch back to Reliance. If these guys cannot maintain a good website, what should we expect from them in terms of services & customer care?

Seriously people, wake up.

UPDATE: Seems like Reliance guys corrected the problem. Do not know how they found out, but hey, glad to be of help :).