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1200 GB

woikr is keeping me pretty busy lately. Just dropped by to announce that I bought a 1TB Seagate Barracuda internal SATA Hard Disk yesterday. This takes my total storage space on my PC up to a whooping 1200GB.

Thinking about my first PC from 1999, I can recall having a meagre 2GB HDD (I was using computers in my school before which had 20MB of HDD space).

The next one I bought in 2001 had 8GB. I kept on upgrading it till 2003 to reach 40GB. 5 times in 2 years .

The current one started off with 80GB in 2003 and has reached 1200GB in 2009. 15 times in 6 years .

I guess we can safely say that the hard disk space in a typical PC increases 2.5 times every year .

Oh yeah, I bought my HDD for 5400 INR from Computer Empire, Nehru Place. Remember to buy SATA power and data cable seperately.

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