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Congratulations Ishmeet!

Ishmeet just became the first voice of India! Congratulations!

I feel that this was the right choice as he had a better voice than Harsha.

However, i do not like people from Punjab, Haryana & Himachal who say that its all because of votes from their states. If this was true, then it means that he did not deserve this title at all!

I really do not dig people from these states saying that they are better and more powerful than any other state in India. I agree that these are the richest and most literate states of India, but India is a land of diversities and every state has its own importance. If they think they are better than the other states, they are no worse than Tamil Nadu which thinks it should not be a part of India.

Ismeet was chosen because his voice was better between the 2 finalists.

If it was upto me, I would have gived this title to Toshi. And I suppose most avid music lovers would agree with me.

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