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Buying a new Maruti

I recently bought a Maruti Suzuki Swift. I had quite an experience buying that and I would like to share some tips with everyone.

This was the biggest purchase I have done without my Dad. Of course I took all his advise on the phone, but its a completely different experience when you are the sole decision maker.

Anyways, I have a few guidelines for people going for a new Maruti. I would like to share them with everyone:

  1. Always talk to at least 2 dealers in your city so that you can make them compete to give you a better deal
  2. There is usually a discount when you finance your car. Its always better to get that discount adjusted in your loan amount. This decreases the interest you pay and in turn decreases your EMI (thanks to Mayur for this tip)
  3. All Maruti dealers have a deal sheet for the customers. The marketing guy is supposed to fill it up with whatever discounts/freebies he is giving to you and then sign it and get it approved by the owner of the store. One copy is given to the customer. This is to ensure that you are not cheated once you purchase the vehicle. Make sure that you get your deal to be put on this sheet no matter how well you know the dealer/marketing guy.
  4. All Maruti cars come with one year extended warranty. Make sure you ask for that. Negotiate for 2 years if you can.
  5. Its always best to get at least anti rust coating on the bottom of the vehicle pertaining to Indian road conditions. You can try and get it done for free. Do not forget to collect its (& Teflon coating’s) guarantee card as it is re coated for free during servicing.
  6. The accessories at dealers are overpriced. You can get the same stuff for cheap outside.
  7. The central locking system from Nippon which comes as a MGA sucks. Go for Autocop. This does NOT void your warranty.
  8. Keep at least 3 hrs. for the delivery process to complete. Even if you are not getting the accessories installed. Its always good to take a friend to inspect the vehicle.
  9. The marketing guy will try to sell you financial products related to the loan. Do not buy them unless you exactly know what they are. Ask him to fill the form in front of you.
  10. In case you have been referred by an auto card member, get the points credited during the purchase. Do NOT leave this task for later.

Remember to collect:

  1. Delivery challan
  2. Receipt of whatever amount you have paid
  3. 5 liters fuel slip
  4. Temporary number
  5. Insurance document
  6. Teflon & anti rust warranty card (if purchased)
  7. Owner’s manual with 4 blank service slips