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Flickr and Orkut launch iPhone versions

Two of my favourite social sites – Flickr and orkut launched their new versions of mobile sites for the iPhone.

Although the iPhone version of safari renders both these websites properly in their normal desktopy version, an iPhone optimized site adds that extra wow to the overall experience. You don’t have to zoom in or pinch to look at a section.

Instead of developing a stand alone app for the App Store, these sites focussed on developing web based app. This has its own advantages. For example, if they want to update the site, they just need to do it in their servers. All the users will start seeing the updated version instantaneously. Whereas if it was an app, people have to upgrade it manually.

However, a web based app has it’s disadvantages a well. First, it cannot be as rich as a stand alone app. Secondly, if any of these services want to use the apple’s push notification service (likely for orkut), they can’t.

Anyways, it’s great news for users.

Access Flickr’s iPhone version at

Access orkut’s iPhone version at

Some screenshots:




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