Rang de basanti

Last week I watched Rang de basanti. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the tickets on 26th of Jan (Yup, the movie was released on Thursday, the 26th of Jan 2006). Well, that’s no surprise as its really a tedious task to get tickets here in Bangalore.

Anyways, after watching some of the disasters like Zinda, Shikhar etc. (which were expected to be hits owing to great directors who directed them), I was skeptical about watching any bollywood movie. Seriously speaking, I had lost the hope of watching a good bollywood movie.

The only thing that forced me to watch this movie was Aamir Khan.

Well, as expected, he did it. Aamir was excellent in the movie. And the movie was perfectly perfect! Everything was so perfectly woven together that the audience were wowed. The first half was full of humour and reminded me of my college days. The second half ignited a feel of patriotism in me (and everybody else for that matter).

There are two things I noticed while watching the movie. Firstly, the writer had this perfect sequence in his mind while writing the script. There was nothing jumbled up. Every scene, every dialog was perfectly in place and complementing the previous one.
Secondly, the director knew what he had to do. I mean, he knew from where a certain scene should be shot to get it best on the screen, where to place the camera, how to move the camera etc.

All of this complemented by the legend’s music. Yes, AR Rehman did it again. With “Pathshaala”, he reawakened the college youth in us and with “Lukka Chhuppi”, took us deep into an emotional dive. Hail AR Rehman!

Many viewers did not like the end. But I guess, the movie wouldn’t have been powerful enough to create an impact, had the end been a typical bollywood end.

I recommend this movie to everyone out there.

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